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Hello, my name is Raymond Aguilar. You can call me Ray. I'm a nice guy. I love my family, friends, country and career. I have a beautiful fiance, but I call her my wife. I've called her that long before we ever got engaged because I knew I would end up with her. I also have an incredibly smart, gorgeous daughter too. So I'm super-lucky.

I'm not much for sports, but I do enjoy racing of all kinds. I used to race motocross and supercross professionally. Now I enjoy making software and working with teams of engineers to make cool shit.

I'm originally from Southern Illinois. But I live in Minneapolis now. So I love fine dining, but also can run a trot line. Because, ya know, a country boy can survive.

My favorite hobby is playing video games. I run an Arma 3 milsim group. You can check that out at Let me know if you want to join ;)

I used to maintain a blog on here. But it got old. I'm going to switch to medium. Anyway, check me out on facebook or LinkedIn

My favorite things

  • My beautiful fiance. (That's her in the picture up top.)
  • Arma 3
  • WW1 & WW2 Documentaries
  • Fishing
  • Python + Google Cloud :)
  • My cat, Daphne

My thoughts

Newer, better, more awesome-er medium posts coming soon...

Contact me

[email protected]

Skype: Aguilar472


I believe...

  • I believe in ship-fast, ship-often. Don't wait until you've perfected your code, instead wait until you've perfected matching your skills with what the customer needs.
  • I believe that "Hyper-growth" is not a phase in a business model. It's an idea engrained in the culture of your business. And for software companies, that culture is everything.
  • I believe if something has been built several times, use it and move on.
  • I believe in Platform-as-a-service. Future generations with look back at us and wonder why we ever put so much into IaaS.
  • I believe agile, scrum and kanban are words created by people that call people "resources". Learn from these practices, pick the best parts and throw away the rest.
  • I believe fast, cheap and good are not inversely proportional. I want to pick all 3.
  • I believe in using data to tell a story. And that story should always match what the customer wants.
  • I believe this summary is probably getting too long and many people wont read this far :)
  • I believe we should focus efforts on getting girls to learn about technology at a young age. That's how you fix the "no women in software engineering" problem.

Foundation / Education

I started off college not knowing what to do. By the end of it, I was actively pursuing 2 degrees in both Chemistry and Physics. I had only ever taken one programming class (C) but I had always enjoyed writing code and figuring out how software works.

Towards the end of college, I decided to get a job doing web development and managed to convince a local software company that I knew what I was doing. After a few months, I was the lead developer and was starting to organize teams of coders into much more functional groups. I learned a lot back then with my small team. Most importantly, let engineers be free. Don't constrain them. Enable them. If you build the right team and give them the freedom to make risky decisions, you'll get creative software. Period...

Places I've been

I've worked for many great companies. Most recently, LeadPages. They are an awesome company and they gave me so many opportunities to build a great team. We did some killer work for them and I'm sure you will see some great stuff from them down the road.

Before LeadPages, I started my own business with a great guy that I'm still happy to call a friend. We did some great work for some high profile clients and I was able to challenge myself to learn new technologies. I learned to take the power and emphasis away from infastructure and focus on the valuable features that people want.

Things I've built

I've done work for Google, UPS and a few other great clients. I'm proud to say I've build web applications in Python, PHP and rails. But I can honestly say that I am most proud of the team I built at LeadPages. Recruiting became a big responsibility of mine and I bet you can ask anyone I've worked with, and they'll tell you I'm damned good at it :)

Contact me

[email protected]

Skype: Aguilar472